SC Law related to Sunday Alcohol Sales in restaurants

South Carolina law prohibits the sale of alcohol on Sundays unless local voters approve by referendum the sale.  Local referendums can be conducted by either municipalities or counties. 

A new law passed in 2003 by the state makes sure the voters know whether the referendum is for on-premise sale (minibottles) only, or for both on- and off-premise.  The downloadable petitions on the right are for on-premise Sunday sales only and do not include grocery or convenience stores.  The petitions have been updated with the new liquor-by-the-drink language.  Any previous petitions which allude to "alcoholic liquors in containers of two ounces or less" are now obsolete and should be discarded as your local Election Commission will throw them out without considering the signatures attached.

To conduct a referendum, 10% - but  not more than 7,500 - of the registered voters must petition the local election commission to place the issue on the ballot.  This referendum can only be held during General Elections.

The SCHA will assist restaurants in any community determine the possibility of a referendum in their area and explain the proper procedures for a successful election.  Click here to request assistance.


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